Friday, November 22, 2013

Create Some Light, Make a Beautiful Oil Lamp

     When I was younger I loved lighting my Grandma's old oil lamp because it was bright and HOT. She had them all over the house and they were perfect for power outages. I never thought I'd have my own or even be able to make an oil lamp myself! If you use nice glass they can even be great gifts, and hey, Christmas is almost here so snatch up these materials and share the idea with your friends. here are the very simple steps needed to create your own bright 'n' hot lamp.This is the easiest version of all the lamps. Once you understand the basic steps you can be creative and make an infinite amount of creative lamps! Also this is a potentially dangerous creation so make sure to have supervision and work with caution.

Home made vegetable oil lamp


  • olive oil
  • transparent glass jar or cup or holder or whatever you want that's glass and transparent
  • a wick (thread of cotton or cutting a piece of a sock works as long as it fits through the eye of the needle)
  • a cork with a flat base (wider than it is tall so it will sit nicely)
  • matches or a lighter
  • water
  • a needle with an eye
  • wax


  1. Cut the cork so that it has a wide base, wider than it is tall so that it is stable. 
  2. Use the needle to poke a hole all the way through the center of the cork  from the top to the base. 
  3. With the needle through the hole put the cotton through the eye of the needle. 
  4. Pull the needle through the rest of the way and take the pin away so that the string of cotton goes through the hole in the cork. This is so the wick can be shortened and elongated. 
  5. Coat the top of the wick with wax. This part should be a few centimeters long, the longer the wick the bigger the fire so keep it short. Coating it with wax will make it stick up. 
  6. Fill the glass or jar about 2/3 of the way full with water. 
  7. Pour vegetable oil VERY slowly over the water to make a top layer of oil. This should be a very thin layer. 
  8. Place the cork with the wick in the oil so that it floats in the center. 
  9. Wait about half an hour to an hour for the wick to soak up the oil. 
  10. Light it up up up and enjoy! 

    Just for some ideas try making one of these in a glass soda bottle or light bulb! You can also put food coloring in the water for a very cool effect. Since this is dangerous, especially when knocked over, keep a fire extinguisher at hand. Have fun and thanks for reading!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

How to Make a Glowing Dry Ice Bubble

       It certainly has been a while since my last post but I hope you'll forgive me! In this science based experiment I will show you how to make a glowing bubble filled with fog. Since It does require dry ice it should be done under supervision and safety precautions should most definitely be taken. Also, the black light and tonic water are not necessary, it only adds a really cool effect. My Honors Chemistry teacher taught the class how to do this last year and I thought it would by a good thing to show you guys. Have fun!
dry ice bubbles


1. tonic water (at room temp)
2. dry ice
3. bubble solution
4. a bowl with at least a six inch diameter
5. a small hand clothe or rag that can cover the entire bowl
6. a pair of gloves
7. forceps or something to hold the dry ice with
8. black light

Doing the Deed

1. Pour the tonic water into a bowl about halfway filled up
2. Add small pieces of dry ice until you see what appears to be a plentiful amount of fog. Make sure to add this using the forceps, never touch it with your bare hands or even while wearing gloves. It is so cold that it will burn you.
3. Dip the cloth into the bubble solution and rub it around the ring of the bowl a few times. 
4. Wipe the now spread out cloth across the entire bowl, this will start to form the bubble. 
5. Now turn of the lights and turn on the blacklight and watch the bubble get bigger and eventually pop. Just keep on putting more bubble solution on, the dry ice will last a while. 
6. Have Fun!

Thanks for reading and putting up with my extremely unacceptably slow posting! Buy my song:)! Have a fantastic eventful day friends.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Write and Put a Song on iTunes (How To)

     Today I am going to talk about something I have had a lot of fun wit for the past month and will continue to have fun with most likely for the rest of my life. I'm talking about writing music and distributing it. Not only can writing music be a lot of fun, but it can bring in a few extra dollars every month. Here are the simple steps for getting a song that you have written onto iTunes and other stores. First, I would be thrilled if you all could check out my first release on iTunes and even buy it from me. That would be incredible because it would help me to afford more expensive equipment to record even more and better songs.  Click here to go to iTunes and click the play button on the soundcloud widget to hear the full thing! Thank you so much!

1. Write a song. This can be done with any sort of music editor or creator. I wrote my song using the app called "Music Studio". Other good programs are Fl Studio, Dubturbo, Logic, Garageband, and Pro Tools.

2. Make an account at tunecore. This is the website and service I recommend using for song distribution.

3. Buy a credit either for a album or for a single. You will most likely be distributing a single if you are just getting started. To do this you must buy a distribution credit which will allow you to put your song on iTunes.  This will cost about $10 per year, which is not much at all considering the fact that you keep all your royalties from the sing.

4. Set up the single with artwork, an artist name, and of course the  track (there are a few other minor details)

5. Send he track to the stores. This step will be very self explanatory if you just follow the site's instructions.

6. Wait a few days for the track to be posted and wait a few months to start seeing sales rolling in!

     If any of you guys have ever written anything or plan on it just tell me. I'd love to advertise your music on my blog! Thanks for reading and please check out my song!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Play Gameboy Advanced Games on Your Computer

     This one's for all you old timers. Miss playing Pokemon and other old GBA games? Well if you have a game boy you probably don't. I on the other hand was never allowed to have a game boy when I was younger so I had no other choice but to give in to the games of the past in a different manner. This post will educate you on the wonders of GBA emulators. Enjoy and happy gaming!

Minishcap on Windows

Downloading the Emulator
  1. Go to the site emulator zone.
  2. Download the "Visual Boy Advanced" emulator near the bottom of the page.
  3. Un-zip the files in a folder that you can set aside for emulator use. In that folder also make a new folder titled "games.
  4. Make a shortcut of the emulator to put on your desktop.

Downloading Games, Also Known as ROMs

  1. Go the website cool rom.
  2. In the search bar type the name of the ROM you would like to download. 
  3. If you search "Mario" for example, you will have a choice between games of any game system. Choose the one for game boy advanced or gameboy color. 
  4. The download is under the picture of the game and an add. Click "download now".
  5. When the game is downloaded extract it to the folder in your emulator labeled "games".

Playing the Game

  1. When the emulator is open hit ctr-o to open a browser. 
  2. Find the game you want to play  and click it. 
  3. Enjoy!
  4. To save your game click "file" and "save game"
     I hope you enjoy this great free software! Thanks for reading

Monday, August 26, 2013

How To Create a Fantastic, Beautiful, and Succesful YouTube Channel

       Starting out on YouTube can be difficult but there are many ways to ensure a successful and popular channel. Although most parents don't find this to be as good as an activity as reading or playing sports, it does have it's benefits. If done correctly, YouTube will serve as something to do, a sense of success and accomplishment, and a chance to boost confidence while having the possibility of earning a small amount of extra money. On YouTube there lies an audience for everything and everyone, just be yourself and you'll find your audience. Follow the steps and tips ahead to help endure a successful YouTube career!

1. Put Something Out There
  • You can't do anything until you have a video, so film one and upload it!
  • It's your first video, it doesn't have to be perfect or perfectly proffesional
  • You need something to starts publicizing so don't brake your back making the first video something incredible, that will come
2. Do What YOU Want to Do
  • This is vital, be yourself
  • Make videos of things that you will love to do a lot of for a long time
  • Be original, you do not want people to call you out for copying others
  • Even for popular types of videos like guitar covers, do something to spice it up and make it a little different from every other guitar cover out there. 
  • Creativity is key, people remember crazy things and names that they've never heard before
3. Make It Look Good, Be Professional
  • This is a huge factor that limits YouTuber's success who have content filled videos, but nothing to record with
  • Spend some money on a good camera, flip HD cameras are great for YouTube
  • Good quality video and audio are important
  • Have a good profile picture of YOURSELF, people will be more likely to click on your profile if you have a picture and even more likely if it's a clear picture of yourself
  • Put up a good header picture that has relevance with what you do
  • Write a descriptive yet brief bio that will entice users and make them want to subscribe
  • Don't make many mistakes, make none if possible. If you do, try again
4. Get The Word Out!
  • You may have great videos, but you won't get thousands of subscribers unless those people see them
  • Find places online and post your videos to a targeted audience for Ex. , if you do reviews on games, post your videos on a video gaming community (Google+ communities, subreddits on Reddit, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, forums, blogs)
  • Make video responses to recently popular videos, be funny, interesting, and unique
  • Utilize tags, do not use broad one's like "guitar", use tags like "finger picking acoustic" in order to get traffic from the search
  • Do collaborations with more popular YouTubers to build your own community, just ask!

       Well there you have it, good luck, and check out my first video on my new YouTube channel! It's a music oriented channel in which I will post original songs, ideas, and guitar cover. Please subscribe!