Saturday, November 17, 2012

Five Free PC Games to Play When You're Bored

       Free online games can be just as fun to play as some paid games, it all depends on taste. In fact, a friend of mine gave up playing all of his paid PC games to take up the hundreds of free ones that he can download online. If you're the type who wants some cheap entertainment than check out some of these free games to play when you're bored. The descriptions are short but that's so you can see for yourself what the game is like!

1. Super Mario Bros. Crossover 
       In this game you can choose between six characters from other classic NES games to play on the format of Super Mario Bros. Each of these characters can use their own powers from their original games to help them jump, fight, and throw their way to victory. 

2. Realm of the Mad God
       This mmorpg is one of the most popular games I know. Or at least that's what I've heard. No one I know seems to know about it but when I made an account there were millions of players online. Basically all you do is wander around the world and use the weapons and armor that you find to defeat the endless waves of enemies with your fellow gamers. It's a pretty fun game and it's easy to get lost in, that is, until you die and then you don't want to play for a while. 
Realm of the Mad God

3. Spelunky 
       Spelunky is an open source Indiana Jones style game in which you control a spelunker who dives into caves to find treasure, save damsels, and dodge traps. There are two things I absolutely love about this game. One is that the levels are randomly generated so you will never undergo the same challenge again. The second reason is that there are many mods or modified versions of the game which are available mostly on the forums. While playing this you will die a lot and it'll be frustrating but you'll learn eventually!  

4. Hobo Wars
       Hobo Wars is a role playing game in which you join gangs, train, ride shopping carts, go on adventures, breed rats, and fight thousands of other players around the world. Not only is it creative but it really is as good as it sounds. 
5. Mari0
       This game is a genius mix of Super Mario Bros. and Portal! Of all of these games this is the best I have played for free, ever. It's almost indescribable because it just is what it sounds like. Mario holding a portal gun, who would have thought? I won't describe it too much so you can hurry up and download it! 
Mari0 Screenshot5

       Well there they are, some of my favorite free PC games. I'll eventually get around to posting another article with more games so if you have any ideas please leave them in the comments below and I'll check them out for sure. Happy gaming and thanks for reading!