Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sell Your Soul to Reddit

       I am aware that most of my readers have already discovered reddit because that is where I receive most of my traffic from. For those of you who haven't, boy do I have something for you. Reddit is commonly referred to as the front page of the internet, there you'll find stories, videos, pictures, rage comics, and GIFs that have been posted by its users. When viewing a post either you like it or you don't. If you do you can give it an up vote and if not down vote it. Basically you're controlling the posters happiness by voting. The posts with the most up votes make it to the front page, and as a redditor, that's your goal. I've made it to the front page once with the post "That One Guy" and let me tell you it was a great day for me. There is a lot of excitement involved with watching your post being thrown around with up votes and down votes. Good luck and try not to spend too much time on there. It's incredibly addicting so enjoy it and thanks for reading!

       If any of you make any Reddit posts leave a link in the description and I'll leave ya an upvote no matter what and I trust that everyone reading will upvote you as well. If enough people comment with their posts I'll put up some of my favorites, thanks again!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Weekend Project, Make a Fire Cannon

       Here is another pyro related activity so again, be safe with the fire! This creative craft may require you to go out to the store and pick up a few cheap items but there is nothing too expensive so don't worry. Since I cannot describe the steps very well without video enjoy this YouTube clip on the subject. Don't burn your house down but do try to impress your friends. Another useful tip I should share with you is to do it outside  This guy in the video could have caught something on fire easily but he's a bit of a pro. Thanks for reading (watching?) and enjoy!

Fire cannon    HEY! Sorry about the lack of posts lately I've been really busy with school and sports but I will continue to try to get things up as often as possible so don't stop sharing the blog and spreading the word. Thanks!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Go to a Concert, Try Sum 41

     Concerts are my favorite things about music, by far. If you've never seen a great live band play up o a stage you're missing out. I'm not talking about pop concerts or rap concerts or even mainstream rock concerts, this is about punk rock. If you don't like punk or pop punk don't leave yet, just hear me out. On Friday November 30th I experienced the best two hours of my life at Sum 41's 10th Anniversary Tour of Does This Look Infected? and by God it was like nothing I have ever seen before.
SUM 41 Live in Kuala Lumpur

The Music
       Lets begin with the music. It's fast paced, easy to sing to, heavy, and emotional. While singing one of his newer songs Deryck, the band's front man, was crying. It was hard to tell and he didn't act like he was but I saw some tears roll out of his eyes and that just made me love these guys even more because it shows how real and raw their music really is to them and to the fans. Not only is it raw but it's fun to listen to because it's so dang catchy! Their most popular song, Fat Lip, was recently ranked the third catchiest song ever written behind We Are the Champions and YMCA. Check them out and support them by buying some songs or albums here at amazon, which is cheaper than iTunes, just saying.

The Crowd
       Groups of teens and young adults filled up the theater until it was packed. Before Sum 41 came on me and the too people I came with easily found plenty of people to talk to. Everyone there was so chill and nice about everything! Once the band came on to play their opener a mosh pit started right in the center. There is nothing like a punk rock mosh pit. The coolest thing about it was this unwritten law. Inside the pit people were annihilating each other but the second someone fell everyone around them formed a little wall to protect them from being trampled and picked them back up again. That was probably one of the coolest things I had ever seen. Then there was another time when a girl dropped her phone and couldn't' find it. The whole pit stopped and got down on their hands and knees and used the light from their phones to help her find hers. Another plus was the crowd surfing! Being on top of a crowd like that is crazy especially when you trust everyone there to not drop you. It's just an etiquette kind of thing, always hold up the crowd surfers  It was simply amazing, that bond between everyone there was so strong it felt like a brotherhood and I'd give anything to see it again. Thanks for reading and if you have any awesome concert stories leave them in the comments below.