Monday, February 11, 2013

Five Minecraft Servers to Play on When You're Bored

      Millions of people play minecraft when they're bored so here are five great online minecraft servers to try out when you're bored. So I'll admit it, I love minecraft. It's creative, unique, and there are so many possibilities when it comes to multi-player online. Here are five of my favorite servers to kill time on. These are mostly mini game type servers that have a limited type of game play to set up a specific type of game. They're fun and quite addicting so try them all and tell me what you think!

Capture The Flag
       This classic game has been set up great for minecraft play. It is nothing more than what it sounds like only there are different classes such as the default "heavy" class, archers, soldiers (my personal favorite), and healers. Only a few classes are available to everyone. In order to unlock more powerful classes you must donate money to the server. There is no need to do this unless you really love the game because I for one have a great time using the soldier who's special ability is to wall climb as high as possible using his sword. 

The Walls
       This pvp server has a set map with four giant walls separating four different quadrants. Each zone is occupied by a team and each team has 15 minutes to prepare for unrestricted pvp battle. Once fifteen minutes is up the walls vanish and the war begins. Whichever team remains wins. This is one of my favorite games because other than the walls themselves, any block can be broken. This means that games could last for hours because people not only go out and fight but they also run for their lives, climb trees, burrow underground, or build traps. 

Kit PvP
       In this pvp server you jump right into a brawl. Killing other players gives you credits that can be used to level up and increase your kill streak. Making yourself more powerful is called buffing. When you buff yourself up you get less credits for killing others and they get more credits for killing you. Debuffing is decreasing your strength which gives you more credits for killing others and less credits to other when they kill you. The key is to find that in between point that works best for you. 

       This server is not a setup server for specific game. It's a normal multi-player server with limited plugins and gives one of the best vanilla experiences. I guess you could call it my everyday server. In fact, me and a couple of friends are in charge of an organization called Valhalla which is located near one of the corners of the map. Unfortunately the server is undergoing some "drama" if you will. One of the moderators was sick of an organization known as "THP" because they had so much power that they just about ran the server. To stop this that moderator opened up their vault, the place where they stored their hundreds of diamond blocks, sets of armor and weapons, and burned everything in lava therefore rendering them almost powerless. That's what happens to the bullies of the server. One more important thing to note is that the server will undergo a complete reset sometime within the next few months so don't get to deep into building yet. My username is abeLinkn, I can't wait to see you on there!

     I've saved my favorite server for last and this is it, sabotage. In this game you start off in a room with instructions and a parkour course. Vote for a map (sooner or later you'll figure out which maps you like best) and wait for the game to start. When you get in you have about 30 seconds to run around and explore and collect chests, this is vital. During these thirty seconds you cannot take damage of any kind so get to the chests using any means necessary. When the thirty seconds are up you will get a little notification telling you what you are. You will either be an innocent, a detective, or a sabotager. Innocents cannot tell who anyone is but the detective, detectives cannot tell who anyone is, and sabotagers can tell who everyone is. Sabotagers have to kill innocents and detectives, innocents have to kill sabotagers, and detectives can run autopsies on deceased bodies and tell everyone what that person was. Along with  detective there is also a chamber that detects what class players are when they stand inside of it. This is the most important place for innocents to team up and try to hunt down the hunters. This game is extremely nerve racking and exciting and can take any amount of time. Good luck!
     Thanks for reading and if you know of any great servers or you want to advertise your own server just leave the link in the comments below! I will probably make another post that has even more servers, ones that I have not discovered yet so stay tuned. Again I'd like to thank everyone for their patience due to the fact that I don't have much time to write posts with school and everything so thanks for the support!