Monday, May 20, 2013

Play Assassin At Your College or High School


       The game "Assassin" is a live action game in which players attempt to eliminate each other using mock weapons and captures. The game begins with a host who finds players to sign up. Once there are enough players everyone is given a target. The target must be found and marked using select weapons that the host decides. Once a player is marked they are out and the assassin must find the victim of the person they killed. The last remaining player wins. This game is often played on college campuses and at high schools. It is a continuous battle so it may be important to always be watching and paying attention to everyone around you, especially if they look suspicious. Chances are, you're not going to make it. Best of luck. Like Assassins Creed, but in real life. 


       All rules are subject to change with the hosts liking but here are some general guidelines to abide by when playing assassin. 

1. Weapons- mark with pen, water pistol, hot sauce (poison), Nerf gun, rubber band, plastic light sabers,              cardboard knives, balled up socks

2. Safe Zones- lunch rooms, classrooms, library

3. Police Force- eliminated players track down and report rule-breakers

4. Reporting- the kill must be reported to the host within an hour or the player is back in 

5. Safeties- special grants by the host to protect certain players at certain times for specific and relevant reasons. 

6. Winnings- this is very subjective to the host but some games include making a pot in which every player pays a certain amount of money to get in to the game and the winner takes it all. 

       Playing assassin can be exhilarating and time consuming. Time flies when you're on your toes and looking down every alley. A great way to conquer boredom. While some people organize games in groups of friends, some hosts take it to the next level. At the website Sassins games are hosted and kept up to date. Join games in your area and let the fun begin. Share any funny assassin stories or experiences below. I'd love to hear how this game works for you. Enjoy!