Monday, July 15, 2013

Learn How to Back Flip On the Diving Board

       As much fun as swimming is nothing beats learning how to and preforming tricks on the diving board like flips and dives. This will be a quick lesson, pre-caution, and motivational speech to get you to do this trick. Before learning how to do the back flip however, it is important to learn how to do a backwards dive. Guys, think of all the girls you could get if you did this at a public pool. Thanks, and enjoy!


      As fun and harmless as this might see it is very important to only attempt this when with another person who is watching you at all times. Also make sure that the water is at least eight feet deep and that there is a big enough area to land. Make sure the sides of the pool are not too close in and the water does not get shallow fast.

Backwards Dive

      This is a great thing to try before back flipping because it helps to conquer the fear of falling backwards off of the diving board. This is still hard as well. You will most likely have your share of back flops and mess ups but don't let this discourage you! Anyone can do it. Good luck!
  1. Start off on the side of the pool and work your way up to the diving board.
  2. Balance with the balls of your feet on the diving board and the other half of your foot hanging off.
  3. With arms pointed straight arch your back backwards.
  4. Keep your eyes on the water and when you are about to fall off the board push off.
  5. Hit with your hands first and bring the rest of your body in with it.
  6. The better you get dive higher and push off faster.

The Back flip

      Here is the real challenge. After learning and successfully being able to back dive it's time to go for the gold. Again, beware of back flops, they'll happen just don't let them discourage you. Best of Luck!
  1. Put your feet halfway off the edge of the diving board, balancing on your toes as if you were getting ready to do a back dive.
  2. Bend your knees and put your arms forward as you spring up off of the diving board.
  3. Do not bend your back as far as it will go, lean back and bring your legs up to the tuck position. This will keep you moving and ensure that you will not hit your head on the diving board. 
  4. Rotate until you are turned back around and hit the water.

      Just do it. It's all in your mind, in fact it's so physically easy to do that if you just though about doing it you could. Think of all the stupid things you've done, how hard is this compared to all of those? It looks cool, it's attractive, and it will make you the center of attention (for a short while). If it hurts the first time suck it up and do it again so you forget about the first time. Be safe too of course.