Saturday, October 12, 2013

Write and Put a Song on iTunes (How To)

     Today I am going to talk about something I have had a lot of fun wit for the past month and will continue to have fun with most likely for the rest of my life. I'm talking about writing music and distributing it. Not only can writing music be a lot of fun, but it can bring in a few extra dollars every month. Here are the simple steps for getting a song that you have written onto iTunes and other stores. First, I would be thrilled if you all could check out my first release on iTunes and even buy it from me. That would be incredible because it would help me to afford more expensive equipment to record even more and better songs.  Click here to go to iTunes and click the play button on the soundcloud widget to hear the full thing! Thank you so much!

1. Write a song. This can be done with any sort of music editor or creator. I wrote my song using the app called "Music Studio". Other good programs are Fl Studio, Dubturbo, Logic, Garageband, and Pro Tools.

2. Make an account at tunecore. This is the website and service I recommend using for song distribution.

3. Buy a credit either for a album or for a single. You will most likely be distributing a single if you are just getting started. To do this you must buy a distribution credit which will allow you to put your song on iTunes.  This will cost about $10 per year, which is not much at all considering the fact that you keep all your royalties from the sing.

4. Set up the single with artwork, an artist name, and of course the  track (there are a few other minor details)

5. Send he track to the stores. This step will be very self explanatory if you just follow the site's instructions.

6. Wait a few days for the track to be posted and wait a few months to start seeing sales rolling in!

     If any of you guys have ever written anything or plan on it just tell me. I'd love to advertise your music on my blog! Thanks for reading and please check out my song!