Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Get Out There and Hammock with Kammok!

I've been very busy lately, for the past year that is (if you see the irony please comment below). But I've picked up a new thrilling yet relaxing hobby. Hammockin, enoing, kammoking; all these describe what is setting up a portable hammock wherever you feel like it and taking a nap, or if you're just bored. Or hanging out with friends. Or sleeping overnight. They're super comfortable. I non currently own and Eno hammock as seen in the picture below. 
I'm having a great time as you can see. They really are a blast. It becomes a sport to look for new places to hang them up. Here is another mighty fine picture of me and my friends camping out overnight.

I use my hammock when hiking/traveling/camping because it is much more lightweight than carrying around a tent. In my opinion it is more comfortable as well. Nothing beats watching a sunset in a hammock or watching the busy streets of Rome in a hammock. 

Although I have an Eno I greatly encourage everyone who is serious about hammocking to check out THIS HAMMOCK! It's made by Kammok and it is of great quality. You will also start off with a free five dollar coupon when signing up through that link as long as you enter the code "MOBREWARDS" when purchasing an item. You can also sign up to win cool gear! To make an account just click the profile icon near the shopping cart and the twitter button. It costs nothing do not worry. Good luck and enjoy hammocking without me. I will most likely be around somewhere. Thanks! Have an awesome day.